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October 2011

6th Hanseatic India Colloquium
October 20th-21st, 2011
"New Medicine in a Changing World: Innovative Applications"


  Current opportunities in the Indian Biotech and Pharma Industry
Dr. Avinash Shejale, SBI Capital Markets Ltd.
  Healthcare Growth Markets - Challenges and Opportunities for Business Development
Dr. Michael Schultz, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals
  Renewable Energy - Applications for Healthcare in rural India
Introduction of the joint project by

Dr. Amal Mukhopadhyay, Hanseatic India Forum e.V.
Anshuman Das, NGO Sabuj Sangha
Patricia Mendoza, SolarForum Schleswig-Holstein e.V.
Helge Adolphsen, Hamburger Stiftung Asien-Brücke
  Cooperation with India in Radiology and Preventive Medicine
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Auffermann, Hanserad Group
  Latest developments in minimal-invasive surgery
Bettina Boesl, Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe
  Noninvasive Imaging and Determination of Pancreatic Beta Cell Mass for the Early Detection of Diabetes
Dr. Theo Schotten, CAN Centrum für Angewandte Nanotechnologie GmbH
  Phenomics way to smart foods: The new Medicine on the block - an Indo-German perspective
Dr. Deb Ranjan Bhattacharya, Trishna Biotech Pvt. Ltd.
  Development of academic and business relations with India
Dr. Guido Krupp, AmpTec GmbH
  Virtual R&D - Implant-Development based on CT-Scans of different ethnical groups
Nils Reimers, Stryker Trauma GmbH
  Clinical Research Scenario in India
Dr. Harish Sharma, IC Bio Clinical Research Services
  Automated analysis of medical images to accelerate drug development for Alzheimer's disease
Dr. Lothar Spies, BBS medical services GmbH
Presentation not available, please contact Dr. Lothar Spies
  LADR Academy: translation management of diagnostic services to clinical medicine
Prof. Dr. med. Mariam Klouche, LADR GmbH Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum Bremen
  Synchrotron radiation - an advanced tool in life science R&D
Hermann Franz, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY in collaboration with Matthias Wilmanns (EMBL Hamburg
May 2011 Dr. Amal Mukhopadhyay participated at the Bangalore Bio Conference and was honored to make a podium presentation. The International Conference at Bangalore India Bio 2011 saw a galaxy of biotech leaders deliberating on topics of pressing interest to the Life Sciences Industry which was attended by more than 600 delegates and the Trade Show saw excellent participation from Companies representing the entire cross section of the Biotech world.

April 2011 Presentation of Dr. Mukhopadhyay:
Life Sciences Markt in Indien - Chancen und Risiken
"BioSaxony vor Ort", April 12, 2011, Radebeul
March 2011 Indo-German Cooperation in Biotechnology and Life Sciences

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