Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Michael Hildebrand

Pharmacist, Pharmacologist, Qualified Person

The former Senior Vice President of Global Pharmaceutical Development at Schering AG, Berlin and Professor for Industrial Pharmacy at the Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena has served earlier in different international R&D functions in preclinical, clinical and chemistry, manufacturing and control (CMC) development of Schering AG, Berlin. He has qualified as “Expert Pharmacologist DGPT (German Society of Pharmacology and Toxicology)” and acts as Qualified Person (EU-GMP). He received his Ph.D. in pharmacokinetics from the Free University Berlin. His scientific career started in forensic chemistry at the Institute of Food, Drugs and Animal Diseases in Berlin. Over the years Prof. Hildebrand has become an expert in various fields of drug R&D with emphasis on pharmacokinetics, bio-analytics, CMC, GXPs and formulation development. Scientific experience ranges from small molecules to biological and radiopharmaceuticals, conventional dosage forms and drug delivery systems (e.g. patches and IUDs) and covers therapeutic areas like CV, CNS, oncology, hormone therapy, and immunology. He is member of many scientific societies (APV, DGPT, DPhG, GDNÄ, AGAH,) and has published more than 90 original papers, book chapters, etc.

The services of HILDEBRAND PHARMA CONSULTING comprise among others support for life science companies in pre-clinics, bio-pharmaceutics, CMC, R&D concepts and strategies, due diligences, GXPs, QP support, individual coaching and training as well as change management activities.



Priv.-Doz. Rudolf Schosser, MD, PhD

Managing Director of MEDCONPHARM GmbH

The former Deputy Director of the Department of Experimental Surgery at the University of Heidelberg has served previously as a Medical Director of Baxter Deutschland GmbH, the German affiliate of Baxter Healthcare International. At Baxter, Dr. Schosser was responsible for all medical aspects of plasma products, recombinant proteins and vaccines. Furthermore, he was in charge of pharmaco-vigilance for the entire Baxter portfolio. He was recognised as an expert in immunology and coagulation, as well as in the medical and regulatory aspects of drug safety and post-authorization studies.

While working for Baxter, Dr. Schosser also gained an Executive MBA from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Since many years, he serves as a lecturer of immunology and aviation medicine at the University of Heidelberg.

Dr. Schosser is a member of various scientific societies, like the German Society for Pharmaceutical Medicine, and was a member of the Executive Committee of the International Society of Pharmacovigilance. He is well connected with German Pharmaceutical Industry Association as an active member of various committees and work-groups.

The services of medconpharm GmbH includes the entire spectrum of medical support needed by healthcare companies, in particular medical and scientific advisory from the pre-clinic to the post-authorization phase of drug development, including design and evaluation of clinical and observational studies, expertises on drug safety and efficacy, preparation of Common Technical Documents (CTD), market research, and scientific drug profiling (medical marketing).



Dieter Grützmacher (DG)

Industrial Manager, Social Economist (University of Hamburg for Economy and Politics)
Business Manager

DG is a specialist for international trade and business. Like a true Hanseat, his career started as Ship loading inspector but then completed his education as Business Manager (Industrie Kaufman) in Hamburg followed by a postgraduate degree as a Social Economist at the University of Hamburg.

As a Managing Partner of the Company, MCC Marketing Concept Consulting Administration GmbH, he is responsible for the areas of Business Consultancy, Business Process-Development, Trade und Distribution as main focus in international business. As a senior consultant he co-operates with Richard Schulte Consult Personalmanagement GmbH ( In this capacity he has additional responsibility in the area of Human resource Management and the focus on Client-Full-Services has been integrated in the activities of MCC. This deals with national and international exchange of specialists in the sectors of Finance and Business, Science and Technology, Engineering including automotive, Air and Space Technology, Electronics and IT) and various areas of Healthcare.

Moreover, he is a member of the senate commission of deputies of the Ministry of Economy and Labour Affairs of Hanseatic City of Hamburg with a focus on foreign trades and EU. He is a member of State committee of CDU, Hamburg. Apart from this, he is also a Vice-President of State-level Select committee for Economy and Labour Affairs of CDU party.

DG is one of the initiators and a co-organiser of the Hanseatic Indian Colloquium in Hamburg.

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