Colloquium 23 November 2006 - Pictures

“Healthcare and Biotech Sector:
Emerging opportunities in Indo-German Cooperation”

Consul General Deepak Ray  
The honourable Consul General of India, Mr. Deepak Ray, Hamburg, delivered the Welcome Address.   Dr. Stephan Buse, Department Technology and Innovation Management, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, was part of the organization team and moderated the First Session.
Prof. Dr. Cornelius Herstatt  
Prof. Cornelius Herstatt, Director of the Department Technology and Innovation Management, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg, presented the Introductory Comments.   A look at the very attentive and interested audience.
Abgeordneter Jürgen Klimke   Dr. Amal Mukhopadhyay
Mr. Jürgen Klimke, Member of the German Parliament, spoke about perspectives of Indo-German cooperation as a win-win-situation.   Dr. Amal Mukhopadhyay, Founder and Director of ELGA Biotech in Hamburg, one of the organizers of the Colloquium, spoke on the opportunities for German SMEs in Indo-German cooperations.
Naveen Kulkarni  
Naveen Kulkarni, CEO Polyclone Bioservices, Bangalore, gave a lecture on the global cooperations in Biotech Industry.   Rajesh Jain, Jt. Managing Director Panacea Biotec Ltd., New Delhi, elaborated on the strong image in Biotech Industry through collaborations.
Sisir Gupta  
Sisir Gupta, Chief Operating Officer Venus Pharmachem, Werne, described the pharmaceutical entrepreneurship in Germany out of his own experience.   Dr. Lutz Weise, Resident Director Sabinsa Europe, Langen, talked about the perspectives of the Nutraceutical Industry.
Renate Katenkamp   Stefan Matz
Ms. Renate Katenkamp, DEG German Investment and Development Association, Köln, described the mechanisms of financial support for German Companies investing in India.   Finally Mr. Stefan Matz from the Hamburg Business Development Corporation presented the Hanseatic City of Hamburg as a location with ideal conditions for Indian Companies in Europe.
There were a lot of questions ...   and a lot of need for discussion ...
.... a lot of answers and new ideas ...   ... and at least it was an effective beginning of a fruitful exchange of ideas.
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